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Midwest Financial Partners

Helping Clients Enhance, Protect, And Transfer Wealth

Midwest Financial Partners was established by a team of financial and insurance professionals who have extensive experience helping clients identify and implement their financial goals for accumulation, protection, and transference of assets.
Our group of financial professionals operates with the technology and resources of a well-established financial services company—coupled with a commitment to personal attention and superior service every step of the way.  Our disciplined, integrated approach creates a proven framework to successfully address your financial objectives.


The life you’ve pictured deserves to be in your hands, with assistance from capable professionals. At Midwest Financial Partners, our team has the experience and vision to help you embrace your financial objectives and put you on the path to achieving your goals.

By building a partnership with us, you enlist a seasoned firm with professionals to help you address your financial needs. Our experienced financial professionals are equipped with the ability to give guidance on financial strategies, wealth management, estate & life planning
strategies, and employee benefits.


To provide financial guidance and superior service–through innovative strategies and integrated programs that meet the high expectations of our clients.


To use our extensive financial knowledge, experience, and high standards to help individuals and businesses protect and transfer wealth.


Cash Balance Plans Can Help Supercharge Retirement Savings

Generous contribution limits for cash balance plans can help high-income business owners maximize retirement savings.

The State of Social Security

The current state of the Social Security program and possible solutions to address the program's projected shortfall.

HOT TOPIC: Three Financial Issues to Watch Under the New Administration

Three financial issues — the Affordable Care Act, tax reform, and the investment climate — that might take center stage early in the Trump administration.

Making Sense of Beneficiary Designations

How beneficiary designations, per stirpes and per capita, could affect the division of assets to children and grandchildren.

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Roth IRA Conversion

This calculator can help you determine whether you should consider converting to a Roth IRA.

Credit Card Debt

How Long Will It Take to Pay my Balance?

Life Insurance

How much life insurance would you need to produce a sufficient income stream for your family?

Retirement Plan Early Distribution

Estimate how much would remain after paying income taxes and penalties if you took an early distribution from a retirement plan.

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